4 Finger Food Ideas That Kids Will Love

Whether it’s a birthday party or you just want something to serve your little ones that’s healthy and will go down a treat, finger foods are always a great hit. Plus, they’re often easy for little ones to prepare themselves, making the whole process fun for them and giving them that sense of achievement that they’ve made something just like a grown-up. Preparing finger foods is a great way to teach your kids about making food in the kitchen, and there are so many great ideas that can be put together in minutes for a healthy snack idea, lunch, or a party spread. Here are some of our favorites!

Healthy Pizza Pops:

Who says that party food has to be unhealthy? If a full pizza is too much or you want your kids to eat healthier food options, mini pizzas are a great idea. Either split the dough up into smaller circles, or use mini tortilla wraps for an even healthier alternative. Kids will love loading the base with their favorite pizza toppings – and there are plenty of healthy options to choose from. Start with a tomato base and cheese, then add tomatoes, peppers, ham, chicken, sweetcorn, mushrooms, pineapple and anything else – get creative and make a pizza that you wouldn’t normally be able to get in the store. For parties, a wooden tray is perfect for serving the pizzas and easy to wipe clean afterwards if toppings fall off – Virginia Boys Kitchens sells them.

Banana Ice Lollies:

Ice lollies are filled with sugar and additives, so even though kids love them, it’s understandable that you might want to search for a healthier alternative. Turning a banana into a healthy, yummy ice lolly is a great idea – and easy enough for your kids to do by themselves. Add a little bit of a treat by dipping the banana in melted chocolate and adding some sprinkles or marshmallows before popping in the freezer for around an hour. Don’t forget to add the lolly stick before freezing!

Crunchy Kebabs:

Getting some kids to eat their veggies can be hard work, so for many parents, the trick is to serve them in a fun and interesting way. Fruit kebabs are different and your little one can help put them together, so that they can choose their favorite veggies too. Chopped carrots, peppers, celery, tomatoes, and cucumber are great ideas – simply build the kebab on a skewer and serve with your little one’s favorite dipping sauce. You could even re-create the same idea but with fruit!

Cucumber Sandwiches:

Swapping bread for cucumber creates a light bite that’s easy to make with a fraction of the carbs. To do this, slice cucumber thinly lengthwise and take two pieces which will form the ‘bread’ part of the sandwich. Since they’re small, you’ll probably need a couple of cucumbers. Once you’ve done the chopping and slicing, hand your little ones a selection of toppings to create their ‘sandwich’ – ham and other meats, sauces, lettuce and raw spinach all make great options. You can use a cocktail stick to hold everything together if it’s easier.

What finger foods do your kids love to prepare and eat? We’d love to hear from you in the comments

 4 Finger Food Ideas That Kids Will Love

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