Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Bulk of Preloaded Flash Drive

Did you know that you can purchase a bulk of flash drive preloaded with your company details and or data?

Preloading a flash drive is now getting recognition in the market today, especially for companies who are looking for a meaningful promotional item. If you are currently debating whether you should purchase a bulk of preloaded flash drive for the company use, here are a few reasons that will help you reach a decision.

Reason #1: It is easier, faster, and cost-effective

If you think you can save a few dollars by buying the usual flash drives and transfer data file manually, then you are wrong. Imagine, you have to buy a set of flash drives and take them to a shop to have it customized with your company logo and preload it with some essential company files – it’ll cost the company too much. Plus, it will test your patience because it may take a few weeks to finish the whole manufacturing process. However, if you talk to the experts and have some thumb drives that are preloaded for your employees, you do not have to pay too much and wait for too long. For instance, at CFgear, they offer high-quality flash drives that you can request to have it customized and preload with essential company data, as well as, software that can help keep the files safe from being overwritten or deleted.

Plus, preloading a bulk of flash drive will only take a few hours. During the flash drive manufacturing process, the data that are needed to be loaded from the source to mass USB flash drives are undergoing mass duplication; this means, one data source to mass or a bulk of custom USB flash drives in all one go – it is a lot faster, easier, and cheaper than the manual mass duplicating.

Reason #2:  You can preload software that will keep the company files untouched

Have you ever encountered a company uses USB flash drive that is bagged with a lot of MP3 playlist and some company unrelated videos, which caused some of the company data stored in the USB altered or being compromised? If you have, it is the right time to preload your company USB flash drives with essential software that will keep the company files untouched.

At CFgear, there is a preloading service called Non-Erasable Content, which will help you keep your company data safe from alteration, including being deleted. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the password encryption service, which helps keep all data secured from theft or from being deleted (either accidental or intentional).

Reason #3: It is a lot easier to add updates

If your company has a couple of updates that must be added into the company USB flash drives, you do not need to collect all of the storage devices and have all the updates installed because you can preload a system that allows you or the company to remotely update and maintain the most current company data.

There are a lot of advantages in using preloaded flash drive services; however, to ensure that you are getting a bulk quality custom flash drives that are preloaded, you have to visit CFgear’s website and talk to the experts.

 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Bulk of Preloaded Flash Drive

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