Miami – The Home of the World’s Best Yacht Charters and Speedboat Races

Miami – The Home of the World’s Best Yacht Charters and Speedboat Races

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Miami is sun, beaches and bikinis. While these are all quintessential aspects of the Miami shoreline, there is still another reason that people from all around the US and the world flock to Miami – boatraces.

superboat raceMiami has been the home to some of the world’s largest boat races, with Key West being only a short hop, skip and jump away from the Miami shoreline.  Boaters of all ages have tested their fiberglass boats in one of the largest boating events in South Beach history – the Superboat World Championship.

In a recent Boatpoint article we heard a little about the championship that involves some boats that exceed 1500-horsepower….

“Gold Coast-based Maritimo Offshore Racing is gearing up for the Superboat World Championships in Key West, Florida, early next month. Locked and loaded, their race boat is now strapped in as deck cargo on its way to the US.

Experienced Maritimo throttle man, Ross Willaton, said their tuned boat with 1500 horsepower engines is a tried and proven performer and he expects to be very competitive amid the world’s best at Key West.”

While this isn’t an ordinary sport that any boating enthusiast can join in, it does produce huge crowds of spectators that boost the local economy. Competitors from nearly 15 countries will join the speedboat extravaganza competing in 5 separate races which allow boats to compete on a number of different areas

Although speedboats aren’t the only big drawn that has consistently been pulling crowds of people to Miami’s shore. Yachts provide a glimpse into the dream beach life that has been so long idealized in Hollywood. The average person doesn’t have access to a multimillionaire dollar yacht – but for a fraction of the price they can rent one.

Prices range from anywhere from 200 per trip to over 3000 (depending on the time aboard the ship).  Most boats leave early in the morning and return around five or six to enjoy a scenic sunset. While there are many to choose from, Extreme Boats Mag recommends Yacht Charters Miami for their excellent service and top of the line boats.

Now when I say top of the line, I really mean it. Just take a look at this image below – one of their “standard” yachts and you can see what I mean.


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