Top 7 Best Workout Trampolines

Utilizing trampolines for exercise is steadily becoming a more popular way to get in shape. While it may seem complex using a mini trampoline to workout is a much simpler way to shed pounds while getting healthy, and surprisingly jumping on one is great exercise.

There are several benefits both mentally and physically your body receives from trampoline exercise including detox, cellulite reduction, cardio, cellular oxygen, increased energy and even cancer prevention. So what kind of trampoline should you buy to exercise? Here we will review 7 awesome mini trampolines for losing weight.

1. Stamina 38-Inch Intone Rebounder Trampoline

Double your workout with the stamina rebounder. It comes with two resistance bands attached to steel legs allowing for a simultaneous upper and lower body workout. A blue border is attached to a strong steel frame providing a boundary of protection from hazardous falls. The stamina rebounder is also equipped with a attached timer to keep track of calories burned and the total workout time. This trampoline is perfect for new beginner as well as advanced workouts.

2. Stamina 36-Inch Foldable Trampoline

Exercise while on the go with the Stamina 36-inch trampoline. Completely transportable you can store this in any small space. Although small this powerful trampoline supports up to 250 pounds and is designed with detachable legs equipped with rubber covers. The Stamina is also designed with 30 strong tension bands providing noise reduced yet effective workout. You can easily assemble this in no time by simply attaching the legs and beginning your workout.

3. Stamina Intone Oval Jogger

This trampoline really does have it all. Benefit from the Intone Oval Jogger with a variety of arm and legs workouts at once. The resistance bands come with foam covered handles for a comfortable grip and are also adjustable. A blue order is taught around the edge helping keep you in safe bounds away from potential falls or trips during your workout. The Intone also features a large handle bar for added safety and balance while you exercise. The handle bar is covered with a soft padding for a protected safe grip. A workout DVD is also included to help you start your safe exercise journey.

4. Sunny Health and Fitness 40” Foldable Trampoline

Developed with stability in mind the Sunny Health embodies safety, balance and fitness in one. Rebound at its best, the 40-inch surface is created from polyethylene and held with heavy duty steel springs. This provides a longer, powerful and fluid workout. You can take this anywhere you go as it is foldable allowing for storage anywhere. A non-slip bar attaches from one side of the trampoline to the other providing maximum balance and security during workouts. The bar is also padded for added comfort and grip.

5. Jump sport 350 Fitness Trampoline

The Jumpsport 350 is among the most durable workout trampolines out there. It has been tested for 80,000 successful smooth bounces due to its patented EnduroLast-3 cords. The legs are specially designed to arch providing maximum safety and stability during your workout. This trampoline is also adjustable and very safe, as the cords are also covered protecting from injuries or falls while you exercise.

These are all amazing options and perfect for long-time trampoline exercisers and beginners alike.

 Top 7 Best Workout Trampolines

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